Data Protection Policty

Society for Ricoeur Studies

Data Protection Policy

On the basis of consent we only hold the names and email addresses of those people interested in events and announcements having to do with the Society for Ricoeur Studies (SRS) and Ricoeur scholarship worldwide.

This information is never shared with any authority, organization, individual, or company, unless in the very unlikely event we are legally required. Additionally email addresses and names are not shared within the supporters group when a general email is distributed via the SRS email list or website.

The SRS may gather data on members and member activity in order to assess how to improve member benefits and to enhance the SRS as an organization and Ricoeur studies more generally. Any such data will be made public, whether to the membership or to the public as a whole, only in the aggregate. No such information will be traceable to individual members. The SRS may also track individual member data and activity but will keep this information confidential to the SRS Officers and Board of Directors.

However, you have the right to be informed of any of personal data held, and if any supporter objects to these arrangements and wishes either to have data pertinent to them not retained or for them to be removed from the mailing list, they should notify the SRS President straight away via the Society website:

If at any point in the future SRS ceases to exist, we will ensure all personal data held is securely deleted.


Dr Todd S. Mei


May 2018