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Online Hermeneutics Seminar: June 17-21, 2024

The Hermeneutics in Real Life project ( is pleased to announce that it will be hosting an online Hermeneutics Seminar this coming June. The seminar seeks to address the apparent decrease in teaching attention to hermeneutics internationally and is geared toward an introduction of the subject to existing scholars new to the field, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates.

The seminar will be held over the course of the week of June 17-21, with classes twice daily and then daily office hours. Instruction will be in English. Rather than begin with a course in classic texts in hermeneutics, the seminar will focus on Johann Michel’s very timely and topical book, Homo Interpretans: Towards a Transformation of Hermeneutics (2019). Professor Michel will join us in one of the final classes. Registrants will receive a certificate on successful completion of the course. Future variations of the seminar will pursue classic hermeneutics texts and specific areas of application.

More information on the seminar, including registration, is available at the Hermeneutics in Real Life website ( Registration is open until March 31.