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The Society for Ricoeur Studies is an international, interdisciplinary body dedicated to the work of Paul Ricoeur among scholars from around the globe.


Summer Workshop in Paris: Rethinking Ideology and Utopia: 30 Years Later

The Fond Ricoeur in Paris has joined forces with the Society for Ricoeur Studies to create a unique opportunity for Ricoeur scholars to come together and discuss the theme of ideology and utopia in Ricoeur.  Our aim is to provide a forum that encourages diversity in thinking and enables everyone to share their ideas and …

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Digital Ricoeur: Assistance Requested

Society members Ming Yeung Cheung (Macau), Fernando Nascimento (Brazil; Society Director), and George Taylor (US) are undertaking a long-term project to develop an online repository of Ricoeur texts that will permit more sophisticated computer searches. To establish texts that can be read by these sophisticated searches, Ricoeur’s texts need to be converted by Optical Character …

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