Society Membership Subscription, Conference Fee, or Donation

It’s easy to become a member, renew membership, make a contribution, or send in your conference fee using the Paypal link below. (Paypal is a third-party online payment system that we have associated ourselves with for your convenience. You first have to go to and set up an account with them. This is the easiest way to make international payments on your credit card.) Once you’ve done this, just select one of the choices on the drop down menu below to make your payment. Please note that the membership and the conference fee are distinct. Both fees are required in order to present at the conference. For those who attend the conference as a visitor but do not wish to be a part of the Society or are not presenting, please pay the conference fee only.Thank you!

(Rates explained below)

2020 Society for Ricoeur Studies Conference Instructions

  • Please note: There is no conference fee for the 2020 SRS conference, but:
  • Presenters are required to pay the membership fee, as per the schedule of fees below.
  • Conference participants are not required to become members, but  are invited to make a small donation to the Society (e.g., $10).


Conference Fee (not applicable for 2020)




Fee structure for regular members is:

Level I: Over $100,000 income:  $60
Level 2: $100,000 or less income:  $40
Level 3: Graduate students, Retired Faculty or independent scholars:  $20

Conference Fee Rate:

Faculty: $80.00
Graduate Student, Retired Faculty or Independent Scholar: $50.00

For information about payments or membership, please email Stephanie Arel, Society Secretary/Treasurer,

Please Note:  There are no membership requirements other than an interest in the Society and its work.  There are two general categories of members:  “Regular” and “Associate.”  Regular members pay dues and have the right to vote; Associate members pay no dues and do not have the right to vote but do receive all mailings.